Crux Server Migration

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 Attention, Citizens of Nevareth! 

To maximize our servers and the gameplay experience of our players, the Crux Server will be merging with another existing server.

Starting tomorrow, January 7, Crux players will be allowed to migrate their characters from Crux to Orion or Draco (equipped items only) by the use of server transfer for FREE (0 cost).


Orion and Draco players are restricted to use server transfer during this migration period.

Once the migration period ends by February or March, our developer, EST will merge Crux players to the server with the lowest population.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can be transferred upon Server Transfer?

Q: Will all titles of the character title be removed?

A: Yes, except for:

  • Crafting titles
  • Honor Rank titles
  • Accomplished Quests title

Q: Will the mission war title and earned score be removed?

A: Yes, mission war title and earned score will be removed.

Q: Will applied blessing beads/costume on the character be retained?

A: No, applied blessing beads/costume will not be retained.

Q: Will all items equipped to the character be retained?

A: Yes, all equipped items on the character will be retained.

Q: Will all items in character inventory be included in the process?

A: No, items in character inventory are not included in the process.

Q: Will all items in the warehouse be included in server transfer?

A: No, items in the warehouse are not included in server transfer.

Q: Will items in cash inventory be included in the transfer?

A: Items in cash inventory is account-based, so those are not included in the transfer.

Q: What is the maximum amount of Alz that will be transferred?

A: Maximum amount of Alz that can be transferred is 10 Billion Alz.

Q: How will the Guild Masters server transfer?

A: Guild Masters will only be qualified for server transfer if he disbands the Guild or if he entrusts the Guild Master authority to another character.

Q: What will happen to the guild list and buddy list?

A: Guild list and buddy list of the transferred character will be reset.

Q: Do I need to logout of my character for server transfer?

A: Yes, server transfer cannot be completed if the character selected is online.

Q: Will Mail be included in the transfer?

A: No, mail will not be included in server transfer.

Q: How long will it take to server transfer?

A: Transfer to another server will be applied instantly.

Q: Will the Item Collection and Honor Medal be included in the transfer?

A: No, Item Collection and Honor Medal will not be included.

Q: Will the Merit Points be included in the transfer?

A: You must click the “Transferring Merit Point” box to be able to transfer.

Q: Is it possible to reverse server transfer?

A: The server transfer process is completed once your purchase the Server Transfer Item and is non-reversible.

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