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Defination of Macro is an automated input sequence that imitates keystrokes or mouse actions. A macro is typically used to replace a repetitive series of keyboard and mouse actions.


By running a Ronan A+ Macro, gamer are able to trim down time normally consumed by repetitive tasks and leave their computer alone or their do (alt-tab) browse/play other games and watching movies while macro run in background.

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Cabal Events


Gang up and hunt for the Event letters T-R-I-C-K or T-R-E-A-T in dungeons and maps with your party mates! Trade your collected letters for Trick or Treat Box from NPC Yul to win awesome prizes.




  • Frozen Tower of The Undead B1F
  • Frozen Tower of The Undead B2F
  • Frozen Tower of The Undead B3F
  • Forgotten Temple B1F
  • Forgotten Temple B2F
  • Forgotten Temple B3F
  • Volcanic Citadel
  • Forbidden Island
  • Siena 1
  • Siena 2
  • Underworld
  • Radiant Hall
  • Maquinas Outpost







    • Forgotten Temple B2F
    • Frozen Tower ot the Undead B2F
    • Maquinas Outpost
    • Radiant Hall
    • Siena 2
    • Underworld


    • Catacomb Frost (Premium)
    • Hazardous Valley (Hard)
    • Laval Hellfire (Premium)
    • Panic Cave (Premium)


    • Porta Inferno

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    Cabal Battle Style

    There are seven (8) battle styles or character classes in Cabal Online - each with its own unique strengths, weaknesses and power: Warrior, Blader, Wizard, Force Archer, Force Shielder, Force Blader, Gladiator and Force Gunner.


    The best melee fighter who possesses powerful fencing skills

    They are successors of the earliest rules of the force and they use the force to enhance their physical abilities instead of manifesting in its purest form. They value power over technique and skill; therefore they prefer strong and reliable armors such as Armorsuit Set from the Midreth continent. Their training strictly focuses on physical strength, thus they do not need to improve their understanding in the Force (Intelligence).

    Recommended Stat Allocation
    Great Sword: STR 9, INT 1, DEX 2
    Daikatana: STR8, INT 1, DEX 3

    Price List

    • Basic
    • $ 4.00 USD
    • 1 Month
    • Full Copy
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    • Pro
    • $ 20.00 USD
    • 6 Months
    • Full Copy
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    • Premium
    • $ 40.00
    • 1 Year
    • Fully Copy
    • Free Dual Client for Win7
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    Flash Drive Installer

    • Windows 7
    • Windows 10
    • Microsoft 2010
    • Microsoft 2016
    • Driver Pack
    • DeepFreeze
    • Avast Premier Anti Virus
    • Photoshop CS6
    • ...and more


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    Dota 2 Blog

    Dota Plus End-of-Summer Update

    The International Grand Champion

    New Hero — Grimstroke

    The Main Event with New Steam Broadcasting

    Trove Carafe Immortals

    Dota Plus End-of-Summer Update

    In the wake of the thrilling conclusion to The International and the culmination of the Battle Pass season, today’s update is focused on bringing some of that summer fun into the perks of Dota Plus.

    Leading the way, the Ranked Roles matchmaking queue has been added to Dota Plus. To mark the occasion, we’ve added a welcome quest where players who win 5 times in the Ranked Roles queue will earn 5000 shards.

    We’ve also moved In-Game Tipping into Dota Plus, letting you celebrate the joyous moments of battle by sending some free Shards an ally’s or enemy’s way in recognition of their contributions to the game.

    Express yourself year-round with select Sound Effects, which are now unlockable with Shards. Once unlocked, you’ll have access to these sounds while your Dota Plus membership is active.

    Finally, as a special end-of-summer bonus, any Dota Plus member who plays 4 games this weekend can claim an extra 10,000 Shard reward.

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