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Defination of Macro is an automated input sequence that imitates keystrokes or mouse actions. A macro is typically used to replace a repetitive series of keyboard and mouse actions.


By running a Ronan A+ Macro, gamer are able to trim down time normally consumed by repetitive tasks and leave their computer alone or their do (alt-tab) browse/play other games and watching movies while macro run in background.

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Cabal Events

SummerKada Event

SummerKada EXP Boost!

Citizens of Nevareth!

Start grinding and enjoy the Summer Boost!

Don’t miss the 200% EXP boost in all channels.

Event Period: March 12 to April 2, 2020
Exp Boost

SummerKada Monster Spawn

Call out the gang and battle in the world of Nevareth! Kill the Monster Spawns and get awesome in-game items.

Event Period: March 12 to April 2, 2020.

  • Monster Name: Kimzark of Will
  • Location: Lakeside
  • Channel: All
  • Spawn Time: 6H
  • Drop: 1~5
  • Looting: All users

    Item Drop:

    Item Drop

  • Monster Name: Minisha of Destruction
  • Location: Lakeside
  • Channel: All
  • Spawn Time: 3H
  • Drop: 1~5
  • Looting: All users

    Item Drop:
    Item Drop

    SummerKada Trade Em Up (Draco & Orion)

    Upgrade your tokens and exchange it to Craftsman’s items in NPC Yul’s shop.

    Event Period: March 12 to April 2, 2020.

    Item Drop

    Upgrade Token Exchange

    Craftsman Sigmetal Exchange
    Required +13 – Upgrade Token (High) [CB]
    Required +15 – Upgrade Token (Highest) [CB]

  • Item Name: Craftsman SigMetal Suit/Plate/Coat
  • Upgrade: +15
  • Epic: All Skill Amp. UP+7%, HP+100
  • Option: 7% Skill Amplify
  • Option 2: Empty
  • Binding: Account Bound
  • Duration: Permanent
  • Craftsman Archridium Exchange
    Required +15 – Upgrade Token (High) [CB]
    Required +13 – Upgrade Token (Highest) [CB]

  • Item Name: Craftsman Archridium Suit/Plate/Coat
  • Upgrade: +15
  • Epic: All Skill Amp. Up +8%, HP +150
  • Option: 7% Skill Amplify
  • Option 2: Empty
  • Binding: Account Bound
  • Duration: Permanent
  • Item Name: Craftsman Paladium Exchange
    Required +15 – Upgrade Token (Highest) [CB]
    Required +18 – Upgrade Token (Chaos) [CB]

  • Item Name: Craftsman Paladium Suit/Plate/Coat
  • Upgrade: +15
  • Epic: All Skill Amp. Up +8%, HP +150
  • Option: 7% Skill Amplify
  • Option 2: Empty
  • Binding: Account Bound
  • Duration: Permanent
  • SummerKada Collect & Exchange (Orion & Draco)

    Collect the I – <3 – S – U – M – M – E – R across the vast lands of Nevareth and exchange it for Beach Ball.

    Event Period: March 12 to April 2, 2020.

    Item Drop

    Cabal Reloaded: Events

    Citizens of Nevareth!

    The most awaited patch is here! Enjoy this exciting event and get in game prizes!

    CABAL R-E-L-O-A-D-3-D

    Hunt the letters of R-E-L-O-A-D-3-D in dungeons with your party mates to win in-game prizes! Trade your collected letters for Pandemonium Lottery Box from NPC Yul to win awesome prizes. Event runs until September 27, 2018 only.

    DROP LIST (Orion/Draco)

    [R] [E] [L] [O] [A]

    • Forgotten Temple B2F
    • Forbidden Island
    • Siena 1
    • Siena 2
    • Underworld
    • Radiant Hall
    • Maquinas Outpost

    [D] [3]

    • All DX dungeons


    DROP LIST (Crux)

    New Battle Style in 2019?

    Why can we expect for a new Battle Style?

    Until now, we have 8 Battle Styles (aka class) which are: Warrior, Blader, Wizard, Force Archer, Force Shielder, Force Blader, Gladiator (2014) and Force Gunner (2017). These 8 Battle Styles are divided into 3 starting villages: Bloody Ice (WA/FS/GL – wear Armorset), Green Despair (FA/FB/FG – wear Battleset) and Desert Scream (WI/BL – wear Martialset).

    We can all see, 3 villages only 8 Battle Styles, we are all looking forward to getting the new Battle Style which will starts from Desert Scream and wears Martialset.

    What can we expect?

    Cabal Online : Episode 22 : Story of Demonite and Update Roadmap

    What is “Demonite“? Why do they call it like that? Where can we get these items? Get your backpack ready and sail away…

    Story of Demonite

    “Hermes” – one of the explorers who explored Porta Inferno – tried to find the source of the power of evil spirits without waking these demonic creatures.

    He did lots of investigation in Porta Inferno, but all the time he was stuck at a the area around Manticore… There, near by Manticore, “Hermes” felt a strange powerful aura, while Manticore was sleeping, he sneaked around and found a strange core…

    “Hermes” brought that strange ore to “Hazel” the famous Core Alchemist of Pastur continent, he found out that the ore contained an outrageous force, and he created a new gem with the purple colour, they decided to name it as “Demonite” as “Hermes” suggested.

    The story of “Demonite” was spread all over Nevareth, the legendary weapon master “Najaba” from Fort Ruina decided to forge the strongest weapons ever for all warriors of Nevareth, for fighting back demons.

    By processing “Demonite” cores, he forged Demonite weapons and for 3 continents they had Demonite Armorset, Demonite Battleset and Demonite Martialset.

    Mirage Island

    Several strange events happened near Forbidden Island, they found clues of the special materials with powerful aura, but no one knew the real source of these awakening…

    One day, they kept talking about the new expedition which reveal a new island near the Forbidden Island…

    But the exact location was unknown, no one was back after they decided to sail away to find the mysterious island…

    There was a rumor that, there was a structure on the island, looks like a temple… Thousands, millions warriors all over Nevareth sailed away, to find the unidentified island, the Mirage Island…

    To sail to the Mirage Island, warriors have to go to the southern area of Port Lux (236:9) and get on the boat with the special entry item that can guide you to the Mirage Island.

    Force Wing

    Day by day, by continuously researching Force technology, Nevareth continent develops more and more. Yerte – the Core Alchemist from Port Lux – is strongly interested in studying Force and she spends the rest of her life for Alchemist researches.

    After some time, she worked with “Long” – a specialist of Force from the Sage Tower. They shared their interest and started working on that together. Sage Tower supported them directly but secretly under the control of St. Valentine.

    According to the records, St. Valentine’s Force research reached to the peak so they could absorbed the Force into their body to make them stronger, but some how the Force was spread out from their back as form of the power.

    At first, the Force was in strange shape, but then gradually, it turned into shape of the wings. After that, Yerte decided to help warriors all over Nevareth to have chance to obtain this Force, she called it as Force Wing. It turned out as her greatest achievement ever.

    Update Roadmap

    These contents are available for Korea Cabal this Summer 2018, Cabal Online – Episode 22 (aka Cabal Transcendence – Part VIII) with the official name as “Demonite” will be as 2 part.

    ... Read More

    Cabal Online : Episode 22 Part 2 : August 22nd 2018 Patch notes

    The patch is applied for public server with all contents from August 17th 2018. So you will see some redundant contents.


    1. Fixed bug related to abnormal output from Legend Arena Potion Box (Lv. 4)
    2. Fixed bug that shows abnormal item type for Costume Epic Seal
    3. Fixed bug that shows Costume tab when player tries to open Inventory


    1. Changed the maximum level for Chaos Upgrade for Earrings from 9 to 12
      • Chaos Upgrade for Earrings can be done up to 12 (was 9)
      • From 9 and above, you need 4 cores for upgrading
      • Stats
    2. Upgrading maximum number according to guild level
      • From Level 9:
        • Level 9: Old: 150 / New: 210
        • Level 10: Old: 150 / New: 240
        • Level 11: Old: 150 / New: 270
        • Level 12: Old: 150 / New: 300
    3. Change attack range of monsters in Mirage Island: Increase range of monsters in dungeon, except for some specific bosses
    4. Change the order of items in cash inventory to show the newest bought item first
    5. Max level limit for Classic server increased to 199


    1. Granting Options and Epic for Force Wing Costume
      • Add costume slots to Force Wing Costume
        • One slot for Force Wing Costume with stats
        • One slot for Display Force Wing Costume
        • If you don’t have any Force Wing Costume in “Display” slot, the another one will be displayed
      • Add Slot for Force Wing Costume
        • Force Wing Costume can be extended using Force Wing Costume Slot Converter
        • Force Wing Costume Slot Converter can be found from NPC Chloe
          • Price: 15 Light Feathers
          • Light Feathers can be obtained from Extraordinary Spell Book (Normal) with specific rate
      • Grant Option for Force Wing Costume
        • Option can be given using Option Scroll – Force Wing Costume on Force Wing Costume with free slot(s)
        • For each Force Core used, success rate will be increased by 2.5% (base rate is 49%)
        • Options

      • Granting slot options fee
        • No duplication: 500,000 Alz
        • One duplicated slot: 1,000,000 Alz
        • wo duplicated slots: 2,000,000 Alz
      • Extraordinary Spell Book (Normal)
        • Randomly output
          • Light Feather
          • Option Scroll – Force Wing Costume
        • Price:
          • 5,000,000 Alz
          • 100 AP
        • Available from: NPC Core Alchemist – Yerte – Port Lux
    2. Force Wing Costume Option Seal
      • Force Wing Costume Safety Kit
        • Able to store all options of Force Wing Costume into Force Wing Costume Capsule
      • Force Wing Costume Capsule
        • Store the options from a Force Wing Costume
        • Account Binding
        • Able to reuse on a Force Wing Costume with equal or more slots than Capsule
      • Force Wing Costume Capsule Seal
        • Able to seal Force Wing Costume Capsule for trading
    3. Force Wing Costume Epic Converter
      • Use for adding Epic option for Force Wing Costume
      • Able to apply on Force Wing Costume with 2 slots or more
      • Options

    4. Force Wing Costume Epic Option Reset
      • Item for reset Force Wing Costume Epic Option
    5. Force Wing Costume Epic Seal
      • Able to seal Epic Option of Force Wing Costume
      • Trade-able
      • Can be reused on other Force Wing Costume to grant the epic option
    6. Added Dungeon forced view-range
      • Add the ability for controlling the view-range in dungeon
        • In some dungeons, view-range will be applied based on the new option (override the normal view-range option)
        • Applicable for:
          • Catacombs Frost (all)
          • Illusion Castle – Underworld
          • Illusion Castle – Radiant Hall
          • Mirage Island

    ... Read More

    Cabal Online : Episode 22 Part 1: July 18th 2018 Patch notes

    Episode 22 Part 1 is finally available on Public Server of CABAL Korea on July 18th 2018. This is the first part of the update which features lots of changes in Battle Modes and Skills. The first part of Episode 22 also introduces a new growth content: Force Wing. For incoming weeks, another part of Episode 22 will also be available for Korea Test Server which will come with New core grade, New item grade and new DX Dungeon.


    1. Fixed bug that causes loss of Force Gem when buying items from Auction House
    2. Fixed bug related to client disconnection for several situations
    3. Fixed bugs related to Red Flare / Blue Flare bikes’ name
    4. Fixed bug that allows player to right click on Wing Fly passive skill
    5. Fixed bug that doesn’t allow you change group properties in Guild UI
    6. Fixed bug related to Auction House fee showing as 0 Alz
    7. Superior Blessing Beads doesn’t show its stats in “Benefits UI”, bug is fixed


    1. Changes related to Battle Modes / Skills
      1. Change in comparison with Test Server (July 12th 2018) update
        • Blader
          • Increase Sword Skill Amp. of Intense Blade skill
        • Increase Magic Skill Amp and Critical Damage for Battle Mode 3
        • Increase Penetration for Elemental Attack A/B, Elemental Fatal Attack 1~3
        • Increase Penetration of Piercing Skill
      2. Change related to Battle Mode 3 amp. effect for multiple target with Attack Skill A/B
        • Amount limit by class:
          • Warrior / Force Shielder / Gladiator: 1~9 (was 7 in July 12th patch) targets
          • Blader: 2~6 (was 5 in July 12th patch) targets
            • In case there is only one target, amp. is raised
          • Force Blader: 1~6 (was 5 in July 12th patch) targets
        • Comparison of amp. effect
          • Blader 1 target > Blader 2~6 targets = Force Blader 6 targets > Warrior / Force Shielder / Gladiator 9 targets
      3. Details stats
        • Please refer to July 12th 2018 Patch notes:
    2. Improvement for Epic Option / Grant Options
      • “MP Auto Heal” is now changed to “Magic Attack”
        • Add chance to get “Magic Attack” when using “Option Scroll – Random”
        • Existing “MP Auto Heal” in all items will be converted into “Magic Attack”
      • Increase stats of some Weapons / Armors slot options
      • Increase some Epic options for Bikes
      • Increase Attack / Magic Attack for Bike slots

    ... Read More

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    • Windows 7
    • Windows 10
    • Microsoft 2010
    • Microsoft 2016
    • Driver Pack
    • DeepFreeze
    • Avast Premier Anti Virus
    • Photoshop CS6
    • ...and more


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    Dota 2 Blog

    Dota Plus End-of-Summer Update

    The International Grand Champion

    New Hero — Grimstroke

    The Main Event with New Steam Broadcasting

    Trove Carafe Immortals

    Dota Plus End-of-Summer Update

    In the wake of the thrilling conclusion to The International and the culmination of the Battle Pass season, today’s update is focused on bringing some of that summer fun into the perks of Dota Plus.

    Leading the way, the Ranked Roles matchmaking queue has been added to Dota Plus. To mark the occasion, we’ve added a welcome quest where players who win 5 times in the Ranked Roles queue will earn 5000 shards.

    We’ve also moved In-Game Tipping into Dota Plus, letting you celebrate the joyous moments of battle by sending some free Shards an ally’s or enemy’s way in recognition of their contributions to the game.

    Express yourself year-round with select Sound Effects, which are now unlockable with Shards. Once unlocked, you’ll have access to these sounds while your Dota Plus membership is active.

    Finally, as a special end-of-summer bonus, any Dota Plus member who plays 4 games this weekend can claim an extra 10,000 Shard reward.

    World of Dragon Nest


    World of Dragon Nest to launch on Jan. 8, 2020 in PH, SEA region

    After much anticipation, developer Eyedentity Games - the developers responsible for creating the original Dragon Nest Online for PC - and publisher Nexon Thailand are excited to open pre-registrations for World of Dragon Nest, the Open-world MMORPG coming to the iOS and Android platforms on 8th January 2020. Players who register ahead of time will also receive a special in-game mount upon launch, as well as various prizes worth up to 2,600 PHP.

    Players interested in securing their place in the World of Dragon Nest early can do so by:

  • Pre-register through the App Store or Google Play Store (Recommended) Pre-register through these channels, and be notified of special offers and/or when the game is open for download. Players who pre-register through the App/Play Store will also receive a free in-game mount, as well as premium rewards worth up to 2,600 PHP.
  • Pre-register through the official website to participate in various activities with exciting prizes!
  • You can also take part in the Reward Hunter Event by Liking the official World of Dragon Nest Facebook Page. Reach the various milestones to unlock amazing prizes for everyone!

    Moreover, there are some new features added to World of Dragon Nest, including 60 FPS support, new Dark Nest, Sea Dragon Nest, fancy Weapon Costume effects, Reset Skill, Seal Skill system, Debuff Skills are more effective in PvP mode, Sudden Quest system, 3 new Nests, monsters with blocking skill and World Map episode 3. These features, developed exclusively for this version, will surely excite your adventure and provide more profound experiences.

    This World of Dragon Nest launch is official, no player data reset will happen. The player data reset was only done in the ending of WoD Closed Beta Test (CBT). The official launch of the game is a stable release, and it will be available in the Philippines and other SEA region including Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand.

    For the latest news and updates on the World of Dragon Nest, head to WoD official Facebook page at

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